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My biggest passion in life is Art and Design. Learning more about the different disciplines and to develop my creative thinking. My work is primarily based around communication and I deploy a broad range of approaches in its completion. I am particularly interested in combining photography with graphic design to communicate the message of the piece to a specific audience. I have spent many years studding in my own time at home and throughout College/University to get more knowledge on subjects that interest me and my work such as street art, photography, graphic design and 3D design. I have also discovered the importance of the creative process and gathering primary and secondary research. Through my self-initiated project I understand how this approach to research can push the boundaries of my work taking it to a more successful, informed and consistent outcome. My studies have mainly integrate Graphic elements to the overall project design. My consideration of Graphic Design is to communicate a message, an idea or concept to be able to get it across implementing crucial visual communication methods. Essentially, to me it is what Art and Design is all about; communication. While at university I experimented with different disciplines in photography, including macro photography, which reflects on my constant interest of small and simple objects. Location photography which also gives me endless opportunity to experiment with angles and lighting. Working in a studio always give me great satisfaction because of learning from experience and the opportunity of getting everything the way I envisage it. I am hard working and determined to achieve the best results possible – one of my main Focuses of my photography is Graffiti and Street Art which is a huge influence in my Graphic Design and Photography work.



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